The App is still being developed

But here is what we would like each stage to contain

Stage 1

  • Instrument Tuner: works for Violin, Viola and Cello
  • Chromatic mode: displays the semitone pitch that is closest to the pitch being played. Displays it’s position on the fingerboard.
  • Finger Tape placement: Calculates where to put the finger (fret) tape, on any size instrument.

Stage 2

  • Pick that Note:  helps you to recognize notes. the App plays a violin note, you enter a note. points for getting it right. Game plays 4 levels in any Key
  • Hit that note: the App shows you a note, in either TAB or Sheet and then it listens to see if you played it right. And gives you a score.
  • Scales Game: the App promotes you to play a Scale, showing you the notes, in either TAB or Sheet. It listens to see if you played it right. And gives you a score.

Stage 3

  • Learn a Song : Still very mutch in the development stage. The concept is similar to our YouTube Channel, just interactive.
  • Film yourself : Duet (TikTok style) to see how well you played against the Tutorial. And even share it with your friends, so that they can see how good you are getting.
  • And loads more…

The development of each stage of the App is solely funded by our supports

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